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Hispanic Heritage Month

2023 Hispanic Heritage Month Activities

Spanish 2 Honors: Students completed "Mania Musical" during which they listen to a song from a Spanish-speaking country and, in the target language, discuss their preferences and describe the song.

Spanish 3 Honors:
Students learned about how Mexico was founded by the Aztecs and why Mexico's flag has an eagle, which represents the foundation of the Aztecs in the City of Tenoxtitian. They have enjoyed watching a video about Mexico to learn about the culture, people, and celebrations. 

Spanish 4 Honors: Students began their unit on "Beauty and Art" by reading about Frida Kahlo. They discussed topics such as la mexicanidad. They will share their research on one of Frida Kahlo's works of art in a carousel-style presentation.

Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

Dr. Diana Artis, Diversity Consultant, CEO/Founder of Olive Branch Educators. has shared the following resources for Hispanic Heritage Month: 

Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

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